The Supreme Court’s majority opinion rightly found, “[a]ll good trust-and-estate lawyers know that ‘[d]eath is not the end; there remains the litigation over the estate.’”

Sveen et al. v. Melin, 584 U.S. ___ (2018), slip op. at 1

Estate & Trust Independent Reviews

You and Your Client Should Consider an Independent Review of the Estate Plan and receive a Certificate of Independent Review!

If  your client is considering making a testamentary gift by will or trust to an attorney, care provider or individual involved with caring for your client’s physical or social needs (or their relatives) or others (especially as the law in this area expands) and if you want to use a statutory procedure to provide a way for the gift to better withstand legal scrutiny and reduce litigation, you must obtain a Certificate of Independent Review from an experienced and qualified California attorney, such as Nathan B. Hoffman.

The CA Probate Code procedure is designed to protect individuals from being taken advantage of and prevent fraud or undue influence.

Our firm is available to perform an Independent Review of contemplated testamentary (will or trust) plans and, as appropriate, issue a statutory Certificate upon successful completion of the review.  

Please contact us to arrange a prompt and convenient Review.