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Resolving a real estate or construction dispute is not easy. A lot is at stake for all parties involved, and therefore reaching an agreement or resolution outside of court may not be possible. When both parties are fighting to protect their interests and are not willing to budge, litigation may be the answer.

As a real estate & construction litigation attorney, I have extensive experience in assisting clients in resolving their real estate and construction disputes. I represent clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties in matters involving fraud, non-disclosure, construction defects, breach of contract and related issues. If you have found yourself or your company in a situation where you are facing a serious real estate or construction dispute, do not hesitate in contacting my firm to see how a skilled lawyer can protect your interests and help you reach a positive resolution.

I recognize that litigation is not always the answer. I like to consider it as a last resort for clients who simply cannot reach a resolution to their dispute through alternative means such as mediation or negotiation. Arbitration may be required or an alternative to traditional court litigation.  With my knowledge and experience in the field of real estate and construction law, I am often able to assist clients in coming to innovative resolutions that involve minimal litigation. If I can avoid litigation altogether and this is usually best for my client, I will do so. The important thing to know when you hire me as your litigation attorney is that I will agressively represent you while always addressing your individual needs and concerns.

Legal guidance and representation in a matter involving a potential or ongoing real estate or construction related disputes or lawsuits is highly recommended. Even if you simply consult an attorney regarding the situation, you can gain a clear understanding of your legal rights and options at this point. Should you contact my firm, I am happy to answer your questions and address your immediate concerns in regards to your real estate or construction litigation matter. It is my goal to help you make a well-informed decision about your legal representation.  You need a skilled real estate or construction litigation lawyer if you are facing an ongoing real estate or construction dispute at the Hoffman Law Firm I represent clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. 


If you are facing a real estate or contruction litigation matter or are involved in a dispute in Los Angeles, Orange or San Diego County, contact the Hoffman Law Firm today!


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